New multi-language PrEPster information launched thanks to unique collaboration

A unique collaboration between PrEPster and translation students at London Metropolitan University (London Met) has resulted in new multi-language sections of PrEPster’s PrEP awareness website.

Information on the England PrEP IMPACT Trial, plus details of how to buy PrEP online legally and safely from the UK is now available in Brazilian Portuguese, French, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish.

The collaboration provides PrEPster with translations of the website and, in return, 2nd and 3rd year BA Translation, and MA Translation students at London Met get the unique opportunity to work on a real-time ‘live’ translation project.


Dr Will Nutland, co-founder of PrEPster said: We know that many people who could benefit from PrEP do not have English as a first language. These translations will assist more people in understanding and navigating the different ways of getting PrEP.

Marc Thompson, co-founder of PrEPster said: PrEP provision in the UK shines a light on the existing inequalities around access to HIV and sexual health services. By providing this information across a range of languages, we can ensure that more people know about PrEP and can benefit from it.

Dr Piero Toto, Senior Lecturer in Translation at London Met said: The benefits to our students are three-fold. First, they get experience of working on a real-world, rather than fictional project; second, they get direct feedback on their translations – including the chance to better understand lay-person’s terminology about sex, gender and sexuality; and finally, they get to know more about PrEP, HIV and sexual health by working on this project!


Check out the translated pages below!

5 things you need to know to join the IMPACT trial
BR  |  FR  |  IT  |  PL  |  RU  |  ES

Buying PrEP online? Here’s how to do it safely.
BR  |  FR  |  IT  |  PL  |  RU  |  ES

IMPACT trial
BR  |  FR  |  IT  |  PL  |  RU  |  ES

BR  |  FR  |  IT  |  PL  |  RU  |  ES


Translating the PrEPster website is one action in ensuring that PrEP is available to a diverse group of people who need PrEP –

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