PrEP Club Video

About the video
For our latest new short video, PrEPster brings you into the bowels of East London's Dalston Superstore.
As clubbers wait in line, make-out in the corner, cruise at the urinals, and wash their hands (wash those hands folks!), short visuals about PrEP pop-up across the bathroom: does PrEP have many side effects? When does PrEP have to be taken? Are many people taking PrEP?
Based on some of the most commonly asked questions about PrEP, this new video with its thumping tune (listen with headphones - and the volume up high!) and smoking-hot visuals, is the next step in PrEPster's fight to educate and agitate for PrEP. 
Look out for the Kate's PrEP Now! wall graffiti, Vwede's lipstick I <3 PrEP scrawling on the mirror, and use your imagination about how Rocco, Rui and Zia know that PrEP Works!
As with everything PrEPster - you don't need our permission to use it (so download away - play it in your bar, club, community centre, cruising ground). Share it and show it!


Antonio, Kate, Pedro, Rocco, Rui, Virginia, Vwede, Zia

Directed by

Filmed by

Animation by

Conceived and Produced by
Marc, Richard, Souleyman, Virginia and Will

Thanks to
Jack and Dalston Superstore

Generously supported by
Mac Aids Fund