PrEP in England on the NHS!

This information is based on the best available as of March 2021.

In spring 2020, the Department of Health and Social Care announced plans for the rollout of PrEP in England on the NHS.

When did the new service start?

Funding for the new service was announced in spring 2020. Clinics started to introduce the new service through 2020, and by the spring of 2021 most sexual health clinics were providing a PrEP service. 

Can I get PrEP straight away from my sexual health clinic?

It took a while for some clinics to get-up-to-speed to provide the new service, especially as they were also dealing with COVID. But most clinics are now providing a PrEP service. Some clinics will have a short waiting list – add your name to that list and try to access PrEP as soon as possible. 

Where is PrEP available from?

The new service provides PrEP from free NHS sexual health clinics. At the moment PrEP will not be routinely available through other health services such as family doctors. Some clinics might provide PrEP through outreach services, including to community based services.

My local service wasn't doing the IMPACT trial – will they now provide PrEP?

The new service provides PrEP through all sexual health clinics in England. That means that NHS clinics that were not providing PrEP through IMPACT will start to do so. This will make PrEP more geographically accessible.

I was on the IMPACT trial – what should I do?

Everyone who was on the IMPACT Trial will be able to access PrEP through the new service. You don't have to stick with your IMPACT clinic to access PrEP if you don't want to. You can get PrEP at any sexual health clinic, even if it's not your nearest clinic.

I’m buying PrEP online – what should I do?

If you currently buy PrEP online and want to move to the NHS service then contact your usual sexual health clinic for an appointment. Not all clinics will be able to offer a PrEP appointment immediately – so it’s a good idea to keep a supply of online PrEP until you’re able to access the NHS service.

I don’t want to use the NHS service – can I continue to buy PrEP online?

It will still be legal to buy PrEP online once the new NHS service is introduced.  PrEPster will continue to monitor online suppliers of PrEP and to provide updates on online services. If you’re buying PrEP online check this out.

I don’t have a secure UK address – can I get PrEP?

Anyone in the UK can access sexual health services for free. You do not have to provide proof of address (but you’ll be asked to provide a postcode or zip code). You do not have to use your local clinic. You can still access PrEP, HIV + STI testing, and HIV + STI treatment if you do not have a secure UK address, or if you do not have secure immigration status. Sexual health services in the UK are confidential. By law they cannot share your details without your permission.

I need PrEP but can’t get a clinic place.

If you are having sex that puts you at risk of acquiring HIV then accessing PrEP as soon as possible is important. It’s possible to buy PrEP legally and safely online.