Motivations and barriers to PrEP use for Black gay men in London

As new research is released on the motivations and barriers to PrEP use for Black men in London, Charlie Witzel from LSHTM provides the headlines of the research. Who we are We’re a group of social scientists who work in HIV prevention research and community activism. Charlie Witzel, who led […]

PrEPster supports trans rights

At PrEPster we recognise the role that stigma and discrimination play in fuelling HIV infections and poor sexual health, and access to health services (including access to PrEP). We understand how stigma and discrimination contribute negatively to emotional and mental health, and general wellbeing. We see how this plays out […]

Why people need PrEP

By Roger Pebody With PrEP still unavailable on the NHS, more and more people are importing the medication themselves. In a blog we published last week, a few gay men doing so told us about how it works out in practice. This week, they tell us what drove them to get […]

DIY healthcare: importing PrEP into the UK

By Roger Pebody “It’s been a lot of effort for something that shouldn’t be,” says John from Stockport. He’s educated himself about PrEP, chosen to import and pay for PrEP medicines himself, worked out which tests for side-effects he needs and battled with the NHS to get support. “None of this […]