Are you on the PrEP IMPACT Trial in London?

There's a new FREE option for routine STI + HIV testing available for most Londoners on the Trial.


You can now do your STI + HIV tests at home with shl.uk.
And your results will be available for your next IMPACT appointment. Using this new service will save you time and free up clinic spaces for people who can't use the e-service.


Here's what to do:



Two weeks before your next IMPACT appointment

Register online with prep.shl.uk (you will need a phone number).
Complete a short assessment and a test kit will be posted to your address.
Provide your samples in the test kit and put it in the post.


At your next routine IMPACT clinic appointment

Ask the clinic about moving to using the e-service for your NEXT appointment.

Sit back and wait.
Results will take a few days to come through.

You will be notified by text or email when they are ready for you to view.
Health advisors will contact you to help if needed.

When you attend your next routine IMPACT appointment:

1. Give them your SHL ID number so they can link your SHL account to your PrEP clinic.

2A. If you need more tests or treatment, the clinic can provide them straight away.

2B. If your e-service tests all come back clear you WON'T need to undertake further tests in the clinic, meaning you save time in clinic.

3A. The clinic will give you your next 3 months supply of PrEP or, in some circumstances, supplies for the next 6 months.

3B. If you're given 6 months of PrEP, you'll be asked to complete another set of STI tests in 3 months time.

Last but not least!
4 things to keep in mind:

This new option is open to people currently enrolled on the IMPACT trial in most London boroughs. New trial participants in London will also be offered this option.

Moving to the e-service is optional - you are still free to have tests done in clinic if you choose to.

The e-service option should only be used by people who have no symptoms of STIs. If you experience possible STI symptoms, contact a sexual health clinic for an immediate appointment.

If you think you have an STI, you do not have to wait until your next scheduled PrEP appointment for testing - you can visit any sexual health clinic for a check-up.