Lucky Seven – a celebration of seven years of PrEPster

About the video

When they told us it couldn’t be done, we sat around our kitchen tables and did it ourselves.
When they told us to go away quietly, we got louder, danced harder, and loved stronger.
We stayed, and we stuck our noses in, deep.

We’re lovers. But we’re also fighters. We grew, we got many, and we’re all so beautiful.

They said we wouldn’t last a month, but we’re still staring them straight in the eye seven years later.
So everytime they bet against us, we ask: are you feeling lucky?

Lucky Seven premiered as part of The Love Hub at Fringe! Film Festival 2022.


Subtitles / CC

Filmed and produced by
Richard Kahwagi

Edited by
Adrian Abbott

Script by
Will Nutland, Richard Kahwagi, and Hamed Sinno
Voice over by
Hamed Sinno