The Requisite Project

Requisite | Definition of requisite in English by Oxford Dictionaries:
Adjective. Made necessary by particular circumstances or regulations.

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The Requisite project aims to address the specific and unique needs of queer men of colour who are disproportionately affected by HIV. Based in London, the project also run nationally across the UK.

This initiative is a peer community mobilisation project lead by queer men of colour for queer men of colour; it aims to specifically target, recruit, train and support them to improve their knowledge about and access to PrEP in the UK and increase the sexual health and wellbeing of their immediate peers. Community mobilisers will be provided with resources to develop PrEP and sexual health interventions in their communities.

Those interventions might include videos, podcasts, web pages or blogs; articles, fanzines, presentations or workshops; outreach, group-work, art projects, designing educational materials or any other creative and innovative ways to relay information. PrEPster’s Requisite will build on and adapt the learnings of PrEPster's MobPrESH peer mobilisation project for women.

Queer men of colour are more likely to get HIV in the UK than white queer men. Even if they have very similar levels of testing for HIV and condom use, they are almost twice as likely to test HIV positive in a given year in comparison to their white counterparts. There are major health inequalities despite PrEP being an extremely effective method of preventing HIV. The Requisite project aims to tackle these inequalities.

This is about equity not equality – it might take longer, it might be more difficult, it might even be more work to get more men of colour talking about PrEP, embracing PrEP, taking PrEP and telling their friends. But just because it takes extra work doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do it.

Requisite is open to all self-identifying men. Cis and trans men are invited to join this project, as are non-binary (trans masc, AMAB) people. *

We especially welcome involvement from men in communities disproportionately affected by HIV, trans men, Black and other men of colour, migrants, and speakers of languages other than English, particularly Spanish, Portuguese, Bengali, Hindi and Punjabi.

The learnings from the project will be used to inform best practice around future PrEP education work for queer men of colour.

If you live close to one of the project sites (London, Leicester, Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton, Liverpool and Bradford) and would like to talk more about being involved in Requisite contact us at prep4qmoc@prepster.info

* If you self-identify as a woman and would like to get involved with the work of PrEPster, or our partner organisations, please contact us at hello@prepster.info or prep4women@prepster.info and we'll be delighted to explore how you can join us.