PrEP Street Talk

About the video
Concerns about telling family members about using PrEP. Wondering if friends would be judgemental. Being slut-shamed for using PrEP.
These were some of the concerns PrEP users told us about when they started using PrEP. These concerns aren't uncommon, and as PrEP becomes more widely used, more people will face these issues.
But when we dug below the surface, and started to talk to more and more PrEP users about the issues we face, there was a resounding voice of positivity: PrEP makes a difference, it's changed my life, it puts me more in control.
"How should we focus our new video?" we asked? "Turn those challenges around and make them into the positives that they are!" was the resounding response.
And so, the characters in the video are articulating issues that we know are faced by many PrEP users but the focus is on the outstanding benefits of PrEP: that it takes away fear; puts us in control of our sexual health; and increases pleasure during sex.
Although some (but not all) of the people in the video are played by actors who are not using PrEP themselves, each of the narratives are taken from real-life discussions - through one of the hundreds of community conversations we've had during two years of outreach and events.
We've unapologetically placed women at the start and end of the video. Most discussions around PrEP to date have focused on gay men and ignored that women can benefit from PrEP too. Here's a video that features women not only talking about how PrEP puts them in control of their lives, but how it can contribute to the most amazing sex.



Subtitles / CC
English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Danish

Akiya, Bobby, Duane, Phil, Susie, and Tyler

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Conceived and Produced by
Marc, Richard, Souleyman, Virginia, and Will

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Mac Aids Fund