PrEPster supports trans rights

At PrEPster we recognise the role that stigma and discrimination play in fuelling HIV infections and poor sexual health, and access to health services (including access to PrEP).

We understand how stigma and discrimination contribute negatively to emotional and mental health, and general wellbeing.

We see how this plays out structurally and on community and individual levels, and the harm that this does.

In recent months, we have observed media and public attacks on trans communities, in the UK and around the world. We have seen first hand the damage of those attacks, including directly on people we work with, and those we love and care about.

We will not be silent on this issue. As a project we publicly state that we stand alongside trans and non-binary people – including the trans and non-binary people who volunteer with PrEPster. 

We will strive to be strong allies to our trans and non-binary friends, and to the trans and non-binary people who encounter our projects by:

  • Speaking up against transphobia and discrimination, and the damage it does to the health and well-being of us all
  • Ensuring that trans and non-binary people are involved and represented in the planning, delivery and evaluation of the work we undertake, and with the partnerships we are involved with
  • Ensuring that specific work we undertake that targets trans and non-binary people is informed by and facilitated by trans and non-binary people
  • Continuing to engage with people of all gender identities to foster positive and respectful dialogue that challenges fear, stigma and discrimination