Life Ball Award & Funding

PrEPster and iwantPrEPnow are proud to announce that they are joint recipients of the Life Ball 2017 Life Plus Award, recognising outstanding contribution [to HIV prevention].

Our combined efforts have played a huge role in facilitating awareness of and access to PrEP in the UK and beyond which (in combination with other prevention strategies) has played a significant part in driving the recent 40% drop in new HIV diagnoses in London and a third in men who have sex with men in the whole of England.



As part of this award PrEPster and IWPN have been generously allocated 150,000€ from the Life Ball team and a further 100,000€ from Elton John AIDS Foundation to fund our core costs, existing and new projects over the next 2 years.

We are incredibly grateful to both Life Ball and EJAF for investing in our initiatives and showing clear leadership on PrEP. We have several exciting projects in development and we look forward to sharing those with you soon.

Finally on a personal note: we are thrilled to have been recognised on this level. We have achieved incredible things over the last almost 2 years. This funding will enable us to expand further and focus on getting PrEP to all people who would benefit from it.

Thank you all for your love and support over the past 20 months.

Team PrEPster and iwantPrEPnow