PrEP made available again to PROUD trial participants

Community PrEP advocates from PrEPster and iwantPrEPnow (IWPN) today commended the decision by Gilead Sciences Ltd to donate 2,000 bottles of PrEP to PROUD trial participants.

Last month PROUD participants were being exited from the trial, leaving clinics with no further access to PrEP. Today Gilead announced a donation that should supply enough PrEP to participants for a further 6 months.

Greg Owen from IWPN said: “NHS England’s continued delaying tactics in commissioning PrEP meant that hundreds of PROUD trial participants were suddenly going to find they no longer had access to PrEP. This move by Gilead gives participants access to an HIV prevention tool that quite obviously works for them. It is also reassuring to see Gilead accept their ethical responsibility for current and future study participant’s post trial care”

Will Nutland from PrEPster said: “PrEP advocates from across the world last month called on Gilead to commit to making PrEP available to PROUD participants who wished to continue using it. We are delighted that Gilead have provided drug to trial participants and commend the leadership of the PROUD trial team for continuing to advocate for this to happen”.

PROUD trial participants should contact their trial clinic for further details on accessing PrEP.