Take Action (original)

Educate! Agitate! Shout out!

Take one or more of the simple actions below to increase PrEP education and access.
Got an idea for an action? Email us at hello@prepster.info


1. Stay informed

Stay up-to-date about PrEP and the latest research on PrEP. Visit our resources section for good sources of PrEP information.


2. Tell your friends

Educate and inform your own social and sexual networks about PrEP. Let them know how and where to find out about PrEP, and direct them to research about it. Share this website with five friends today!


3. Sign the community PrEP statement

Join thousands of others calling for access to PrEP on the NHS.


4. Speak out against stigma

Research shows that stigma about using PrEP – including slut-shaming –  stops people from talking about it with their friends and sexual partners. Challenge it when you hear it or see it online.


5. Email your MP

Call on your MP to support the availability of PrEP in England. Write to them about the NHS England u-turn on PrEP 


6. Contact your local authority

Ask your local authority’s Director of Public Health (DPH) what provisions they are putting in place now, should PrEP become available on the NHS in the future. Your local authority will be the same authority you pay your Council Tax to. You can find the email addresses of your local DPH here.

Download a form letter to send to your DPH here.


7. Ask your sexual health clinic

Ask about PrEP availability at your next sexual health clinic visit (even if you won’t personally use it). Respectfully ask the clinic to record that you have requested it, or asked about access to it for you, a friend or your partner/s. Remember that many sexual health staff want to see it available too – and likely to be on your side.


8. Trial this!

Recruitment to the England PROUD trial is now full(http://www.proud.mrc.ac.uk/). But if you, or someone you know, wants to participate in any newPrEP clinical trials, sign up to the mailing list by sending an email to


9. Lobby Gilead!

Join a coalition of Euro-PrEPsters calling on Gilead to reduce the price of Truvada.