Trans People Taking PrEP

About the video

We created a short video Trans People Taking PrEP in collaboration with My Genderation and iWantPrEPnow with funding from Elton John AIDS Foundation to raise awareness of PrEP among trans and/or non-binary people.

The film follows our friends Dani and Sami who are currently taking PrEP and features sexual health and gender identity doctor Kate Nambiar talking about how PrEP could be beneficial for trans people and/or non-binary people.

Dani and Sami talk about their own experiences of using PrEP and the decisions that helped to inform them on their PrEP journeys. They talk about how they use PrEP and the impact PrEP has had on their lives. Along with Kate, they consider the specific issue that trans people need to consider when deciding to use PrEP.


Subtitles / CC

Owl Fisher
Sami Hillyer
Dani Singer
Fox Fisher
Dr Kate Nambiar

Directed, produced and filmed by
PrEPster, My Genderation, iWantPrEPnow

With funding from
Elton John AIDS Foundation