Got down at Down Low?
Got ploughed at Pilton?

*** FREE AFTER-EVENT sexual health check-up ***

If you got busy across Glastonbury weekend (or at any other time recently!), then now might be a good time to get a sexual health check-up.
They are FREE on the NHS.

If you DON'T have any STI symptoms, you can use a postal testing service such as Sexual Health London (SHL).

It's a discreet sexual health service for Londoners. Receive your test kit or contraception at home quickly and discreetly.

If you're living with HIV, postal testing services are also available for you to use for testing for STIs.

If you DO have STI symptoms, contact your usual sexual health clinic.

There's also been a recent outbreak of monkeypox. If you have  - or get in the coming weeks - a new rash, blisters, sore or spots, along with a temperature, swollen glands, muscle aches, or exhaustion - PHONE your sexual health clinic or NHS 111There's more info here!