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During these COVID times were seeing a sense of togetherness and solidarity across our communities.

There are lots of ways we can support neighbours, communities, non-profits, and advocacy movements during these times.


These might include:

  helping with shopping and running errands for those who are self-isolating
  driving people to/from health appointments or other essential appointments
  helping to organise food deliveries from food banks and/or supermarkets
  running online well-being classes for people to join
  running online activities for young people who are staying home
  online or telephone befriending to those who need to stay indoors

Theres already been a fantastic community response to COVID with lots of volunteering and activism going on at a local level. 

If you live in London, the Mayor has compiled a list of remote volunteering opportunities by borough. Please visit Mayor of London

For outside London please visit the NCVO Volunteer Centre Finder

In Wales please visit Third Sector Support Wales

In Scotland please visit Volunteer Scotland

In Northern Ireland visit Nidirect

 If you wish to be considered for the National NHS Volunteering scheme please visit GoodSAM

However, you may also wish to lobby Government, your local MP, Councillor, Assembly Member or Scottish Parliament Member on issues such as 

•   Access to Benefits
•   Housing
•   Homelessness
•   Immigration
•   Support for Business
•   PPE Supplies
•   Support for carers 

Here is a quick guide on how to do that:

Who is your elected representative.  You can find that out by visiting Here you can find out their names and then using google, you will be able to find their email address and social media handles.  This way you can contact them in a fast and easy way. 

If you would like to keep up with what your MP is saying and doing in Parliament then visit the - they work for you website and they can send you email updates with this information.

You can also visit the following sites to sign petitions: