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Smoking and covid

COVID-19 is a disease that impacts on our respiratory system (especially the lungs).  There is some suggestion that smokers might be more at risk of getting COVID-19, be more seriously impacted by the virus if they get it, and possibly more likely to die, if infected with COVID-19.

Researchers say that we still need to know more about the impact of smoking and COVID-19. Research on other similar respiratory viruses show that smoking increases the infection rate and severity of infection. Some educators think that the actions of smoking, including continual moving of the hand to the face, might increase the risk of COVID transmission.

Some people use smoking as a way of relaxing, or reducing stress. Some use it as a way of maintaining a routine. During lock-downs at home, now might not be the time for many of us who smoke to consider stopping smoking.

But for those of us who don’t smoke, especially people with respiratory conditions such as asthma, being close to smoking might aggravate our health conditions. Finding ways to avoid second-hand smoke will be important.

If you currently smoke, now might be a good time to consider stopping, or quitting smoking. In the UK, information and advice on quitting smoking is available here -

If you smoke, or live in a household with smokers, you can reduce risk by:

  • Reducing the amount of smoking that takes place every day
  • Not smoking inside and around other people, especially people with respiratory health conditions, and especially children
  • Not sharing cigarettes, shisha or other smoking devises