PrEPster aims to educate and agitate for PrEP access in England and beyond.

PrEPster.info and its related activities are produced by a volunteer group of London-based HIV prevention activists. We are independent from any statutory or voluntary sector organisations.

Start-up funding for PrEPster.info was provided by The Love Bank UK – a social action fund dedicated to assisting individuals, informal groupings of people, and small community organisations to affect change.

Team PrEPster gratefully accepts donations – small or large – to develop the website and other related activities.

Contact us at hello@prepster.info for details of how to donate.

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Team PrEPster offers thanks to the following for offering advice, knowledge and support in the development of content for this project:

Yusef Azad (National Aids Trust), Edwin Bernard (HIV Justice Network), Simon Collins (i-Base), Alex Craddock (IWPN), Nicholas Feustel (Georgetown Media), Deborah Gold (National Aids Trust), Sheena McCormackGreg Owen (IWPN), Roger Pebody (Aidsmap), Mags Portman, and Michelle Ross (cliniQ). 


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