Teamprepster launches new educational information

At teamprepster we’re delighted to launch a new range of educational materials that continue our fight to educate and agitate for PrEP in England and beyond. Designed by Eoin Norton and using photography from Javier Gonzalez the new materials include posters in two designs; an information booklet; and condom packs in four […]

What we know about the new England PrEP trial

At the start of December 2016, NHS England announced funding for a large scale PrEP trial in England. The announcement said that the trial would be a joint initiative between NHS England and Public Health England (PHE), to start early in the 2017-2018 financial year, and that there would be […]

The costs of inaction on PrEP

When we set up PrEPster from our kitchen table in August 2015, little did we suspect that in under 18 months, The Lancet would be commending our work. But that’s what just happened. In an editorial published today, our work, alongside that of I Want PrEP Now, National Aids Trust, […]

Do you want to be more confident in how you speak to the media about PrEP?

PrEPster is organising one-day FREE media training days (one in London + one in Manchester) for UK PrEP educators and advocates. The training is intended to increase the capacity of the UK HIV sector to respond to media queries about PrEP and its use. Central London – Monday 27 March […]

Something extraordinary is happening to HIV diagnoses in London

As the end of the year approaches, HIV clinics in central London have started to report sharp falls in HIV diagnoses. Dean Street reported a 40% reduction, and the Mortimer Market Centre a fall of over 50%. Homerton in east London reported a 40% reduction, and Bart’s a 36% fall. […]

Community PrEP advocates respond to NHS England PrEP announcement

Community PrEP advocates from PrEPster and iwantPrEPnow welcomed NHS England’s announcement today that PrEP will be more widely available on the NHS in England. A new clinical trial will provide PrEP to at least 10,000 participants over the next three years, with a further rollout anticipated in the future. Both […]

Join us for a PrEP Champions Event!

Do you want to learn more about new ways to prevent HIV? Come along to a FREE day about being a PrEP Champion in Black African and Caribbean communities in the UK. Come along and find out more about the case for treatment as prevention (TasP) and PrEP; discuss how […]

Buyers clubs for cheaper drugs help fight hepatitis and HIV

Team PrEPster spoke to Reuters and Reuters TV about how generic drugs are being used to prevent HIV. READ: Buyers clubs for cheaper drugs help fight hepatitis and HIV WATCH: Patients turn to ‘buyers clubs’ for cheap HIV drugs – Reuters TV