Prepster talks to Dazed about PrEP

Dazed & Confused ask why we don’t give this HIV pill to those most at risk? Team prepster joined them to find out the answer.    

Talking PrEP with MTV Staying Alive

Team PrEPster were delighted to spend time with the folks at MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation. Read more in their new blog post about PrEP and how it could change the future. (Transcribed from original below) PREP: WHAT IS IT AND HOW COULD IT CHANGE THE FUTURE OF HIV? HENRY BOON|20.01.2016|FEATURE […]

Why people need PrEP

By Roger Pebody With PrEP still unavailable on the NHS, more and more people are importing the medication themselves. In a blog we published last week, a few gay men doing so told us about how it works out in practice. This week, they tell us what drove them to get […]

DIY healthcare: importing PrEP into the UK

By Roger Pebody “It’s been a lot of effort for something that shouldn’t be,” says John from Stockport. He’s educated himself about PrEP, chosen to import and pay for PrEP medicines himself, worked out which tests for side-effects he needs and battled with the NHS to get support. “None of this […]